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Face Recognition

Promobot can not only recognize faces, but determine the age and gender of a person.  Using this information, the robot will use the script accustomed to the target audience and promote the products/services that fits that category of users best. The robot can create a database of people it became acquainted with.

Speech Recognition

Speech is the easiest way for humans to communicate. Promobot’s Speech Recognition technology allows the robot to hold a conversation, answer questions, follow voice commands, and even translate from one language to another.

Peripheral Components

Each robot can be equipped with the following devices:
– Payment Terminal – Receive Credit Card payments
– Thermal Printer – Print receipts, Coupons, Tickets, etc.
– Barcode Scanner – Scan UPC, QR codes, Trade Show Badges
– Magnetic Card Printer – Issue membership cards, access keys
– Photo Printer – Print photos that were taken by the robot, branded with custom frames

Autonomous Movement

The robot can freely move avoiding any obstacles and does not need to be accompanied by a specialist. It moves and talks autonomously, thanks to the systems of movement and communication.

Easy to Use

Due to Promobot’s user-friendly interfaces, the robot’s owner can easily add the necessary phrases and rules to the robot, as well as create new movements, facial expressions, and even dances.

Acquaintance Database

Every time the robot meets a person it remembers his/her face and name. This allows for better-defined targeted promotions and easier communication.

How to Order a Promotional Robot in Las Vegas

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