To date, several hundred of Promobot robots operate in 27 countries around the world. They perform the functions of administrators, promoters, hostesses, museum guides, consultants, concierges and many others in various crowded places such as banks, shopping centers, museums, housing complexes, business centers and many others.


Robots in Service



Robot for Students
Rental Robot for Trade Shows in Las Vegas
Rental Robot for Trade Shows in Las Vegas
Rental Robot for  Special Events in Las Vegas
Rent a robot for retail stores and shopping malls
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What Makes the Robot Great

Our completely autonomous robot automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks in a wide range of industries. It allows you to effectively free human employees to perform more cognitive functions. Let our Robot bring your brand to the next level.

Ease of Use95%
Hard Work100%


Attract attention
Service robots naturally attract a lot of attention. And with our robot’s speech and touch screen interaction, natural arm and head movements, facial tracking and recognition your target audience won’t be able to ignore it. Smiles, selfies, social media posts, and positive emotions are guaranteed!
Stand out from the competition
While robots are slowly integrating into our lives, a full size Real Robot is still a rare commodity, even on a global scale. Be ahead of your competition and you’ll be one of the first in your industry to utilize a Real Robot.
Better customer experience
Businesses implement our robots to increase efficiency and the quality of communication with customers. At the same time, public is getting more comfortable living and working alongside robotic technology. Our robot is non-intimidating, inviting, and easy to communicate with. Optional Emotion-AI Based Customer Satisfaction Management Solution will provide a complete and detailed analytics of Customer Experience.
Improved quality of service
Robot can retain any amount of information about your products or service. It greets, promotes, and demonstrates products according to the script and depending on the gender and the age of the person it communicates with.
Reduced labor costs
While working more hours than a full-time employee per day, robots do not require neither an hourly rate nor other expenses associated with labor (workers’ compensation insurance, costs of vacations and other benefit packages, turnover, and the associated costs of recruiting and training replacement workers).
Positive impact on financial performance
New client acquisition, customer engagement, scripted and targeted product/service upsells, absence of human errors, data collection and analysis for ongoing optimization of all operations, along with reduced labor costs – all attribute to the improved financial performance of the company.