Where to use a Real Robot

Our robot has an unlimited amount of possible applications. For years, Promobot has been building different versions of the product for banks, airports and shopping malls, with different hardware and software depending on the final usage. It’s already working in 27 countries around the globe. Any business could benefit from using a robot in the following settings

How to Order

Robot for Airports

Robot for Airports

Robot for Trade Shows

Robot for Trade Shows

Robot in Retail

Robot in Retail

Non-Contact Thermometer Station

Las Vegas Robot Rental


How to bring traffic to your booth? Put a promotional robot in it. Our robots create buzz; people will go out of their way just to see it. Then they take photos and share them on social media. In the mean time the robot will promote your products / services AND scan visitor’s badges. How many marketing tools can brag about being that effective? Not many, if any. More about Trade Show Robot Application…


Looking for a fun idea for your special event? Rent a Robot and you won’t be disappointed. Robot is a real crowd pleaser! Its capability to hold a conversation, answer questions, gesticulate, take photos, tell jokes, and even dance – all of it brings out smiles, giggles, and real laughters. Amuse and amaze your party attendees and they won’t forget your event for a long time. More about Rental Robot for Special Events…

Robot for airports


Our robots are serving airport travelers across the globe. To improve your customers’ experience, airport robot will provide passengers with variety of information such as flight status, registration status, remind passengers about security and luggage rules. Because the robot is completely autonomous, it can navigate travelers through the airport.  Our experienced team has the expertise to create a robot that will meet requirements of the toughest client. Fly into the future with our robots. More about Airport Robot Application…

Robot for retail stores - Las Vegas, NV


Did you know that millennials, who make up about 1/4 of the population,  value convenience much more than any previous generation? They don’t mind exchanging human interactions for faster, automated experiences. Our robot can advise on any product in store’s database, direct customers to the specific shelves, issue loyalty cards, and present personal offers to the loyalty club members. More about Retail Robot Application…

Robot Guide for Museum


Place our robot at any museum’s gallery and it will become an exhibit in itself — evoking people’s curiosity and sparking their imagination. Why place robot in museums? Because it can sense when people are close by and engage them in conversation. It will attract visitors to less popular exhibits and encourage museum-goers to interact with artwork and artifacts. The robots, which can answer common questions, can also tell stories, make gestures, take photos and even dance!

Robot for Banks


For years, major banks have been concentrating on AI software to speed up transactions, resolve issues, and improve customer experience. But what will actually bring people into the door is a robot that can do some really valuable things for your customers, point them to the right direction, answer questions, and inform them about products and services your bank offers.  More about Trade Show Robot Application…